Our expertise

We believe that, beyond the control and development of your production tools, we must put the bulk of our energy at the servie of our customers.

We know each of our clients and maintain an ongoing relationship with them to understand their expectations and respond effectively to their needs.

We attach great importance to service and in particular :

  • To make every effort to deal quickly with our customers' orders. In 2019, 90% of orders were processed in less than one week after receipt of the material.
  • To provide an adapted and qualitative logistic service. In 2019, we recorded a damage rate below 1% during transport.
  • To maintain maximum transparency with our customers in case of problem on a production.
  • To answer to the best of our ability the new requests of our customers.

To achieve this, Micropolymers is made up of a very professional team (100% on permanent contracts), wich we know well and who are completely familiar with the company and its operations.